RPICT4V3 for Current and Voltage Measurements


Did anybody use this board successfully to measure current and voltage?


I bought two of them(master and slave) but it absolutely didn’t work out.
For the current measurement I used this hall sensors:

It would be really nice if you can tell me your experiences with this board.
Other ideas how to grab the measurement data and convert it for the raspberry would be very nice as well.

Thanks in advance!

The device on that page is NOT a Hall effect sensor, it is an ordinary current transformer, exactly the type specified for the RPICT4V3. “Recommended Sensors … SCT-013-000 Or any current output CT”

If you can give us a little more information about why …

then somebody might be able to help you. Without details, I doubt anyone can help.

You can connect an emonTx serially.

Thanks for your fast answer, Robert!
The outpot screen in the command line of the raspberry told that all the measurement data is close to zero no matter if there is a current transformer connected to the measurement input or not. When I connect 9.2V DC to the voltage inputs then the whole system “crashes”.
I attach a picture of the screen.

The moment when the data goes “crazy” is the moment I connected the power adapter.
After a few seconds the data is again close to zero although the power adapter which provides the 9.2 V is still there.
I hope this describes my problem good enough and sorry for my english…

I’m afraid I don’t know the RPICT4V3, I think I remember someone mentioning it - or something like it - a long while ago. Have you searched, including the old forum (i.e. the search on the darker blue header)? I found this Node ID not changeable which seems to say this man got it to work without a problem.

I’m very busy for the next week or so, I’ll bookmark this and come back to it later if no-one else has helped you in the meantime.

Connecting a 9.2V DC to an input port expecting AC will surely not make it work.

Use the right sensors. It should be an ac/ac voltage transformer for the voltage port.