Round Robin Database

Continuing the discussion from billing:

Using a Round Robin Database is one way to solve that issue.
Here’s a link that explains what an RRD is and how it works: RRDtool - About RRDtool

@TrystanLea, perhaps that type of database could help with OEM and self-hosted storage issues.

I’m not recommending the RRD Tool itself, rather that type of storage method.


Hello @Bill.Thomson yes Im aware of the round robin approach. I personally find it useful to keep full resolution data for the whole length of any monitoring I undertake. You can then use say full resolution solar data over multiple years to do high resolution modelling of the effect of adding battery stores, pv diversion etc (e.g: GitHub - TrystanLea/solarmodel: Home Solar PV self consumption model). Modelling is however a specific use case that I dont imagine everyone wants to do… I think it would make sense to have the option to enable or disable a round robin mode on feeds.

That’s the nice part of the RRD approach. You can elect to have high resolution data for whatever length of time you want, e.g. 10, 15, 20 years etc, and the storage requirement never changes.

High resolution data for that length of time would likely be a large file though!

That would be nice to have.