Robin's Solar Diverter, Diversion not registering

The diverter I built several years ago has been working absolutely fine, infact still does.
However I have one CT channel that measures the actual power Diverted, but for some reason that has stayed 0 for several weeks/months now.
What is even more strange is that the code also accumulates the Diverted power to display on the LED display but even that is showing 0.
The actual power diversion is taking place because I can see the LED on the SSR blinking, as well as the immersion heater’s pilot light.
So what could have suddenly stopped the Diversion from registering either via the CT or the internal accumaltor variable?
I have restarted the Arduino multiple times to see if that would fix things.

I think you need to do the standard fault-finding procedures. I suggest starting by looking for a dry joint or possibly corrosion on a connector, even a faulty c.t. I don’t know the winding resistance of the c.t. he uses internally, but anything between a dead short and an open circuit is probably OK - I’d guess in the upper tens of ohms to the mid hundreds. The c.t. should be biased to half-rail voltage, just the same as the emonTx. The bias supply is common to both channels, so that in itself must be OK.

It’s not so strange that diversion is working - the second c.t. plays no part in that, all it’s there for is to show you the quantity of diverted power.

All the information you need is on Robin’s website: If you need further help, come back here, or contact Robin directly via his website or by PM here.

I had initially thought this could be hardware related. But the internal code accumulator is also 0 and that doesn’t even need a CT. Infact the original router design doesn’t use a CT to measure diversion, it just displays the total based on what the code has measured. So what could stop both the code and the hardware stop to measure Diversion.

Which version of Robin’s software are you using, and which variable are you looking at to be able to write