RFM69Pi and RTL_433

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I’m currently using an eMonTx3 and Raspberry Pi 3 B with and RFM69Pi module to record energy stats from my mains supply. Additionally I have an external USB Nooelec NESDR tuned to 433.92MHz capturing and decoding the readings from my external oil tank (using the RTL_SDR and RTL_433 libraries) and posting those to an MQTT topic. I wondered if there is anyway of rationalising down to using just one receiver (ideally the on-board RFM69Pi) for both tasks?

The RFM69Pi isn’t detected by either RTL_SDR or RTL_433 which seems to be the first problem…

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by RTL_433 are you referring to this project?

I understood this to work with the emonTx’s, there is an entry in the listed devices

[45]  emonTx OpenEnergyMonitor

In fact I believe the support was developed by an OEM user back on the old forum (Receiving emonTX transmissions with rtl_433 | Archived Forum) and merged back in Jan '16 (Merge pull request #270 from dwmw2/emontx · merbanan/[email protected] · GitHub)

If you search this forum for RTL-SDR, RTL_SDR or RTL_433 you will find several threads on the subject and some users have had this working. Including, for example

I’m less confident that you will get the rfm69cw module (RFM69Pi) to receive, and then if it does successfully receive, decode data from other sources whilst using JeeLib, so unless it’s already been done, you will need to write/adapt a library that works with the RFM69Pi. Just to widen the possibility of finding something out there already done, the RFM69Pi is essentially a JeeLink packaged a different way. If you find something for a JeeLink or JeeNode you can probably use it with the RFM69Pi with no more than relatively minor changes.

LPL (low power labs) name is bounced around a lot as an alternative to JeeLib for OEM stuff, but I do not know if this is something within the reach of that Library?