RFM69CW liberate pin interrupts

hi all!!!
I am trying to change my RFM12B module by RFM69CW.
In my project, I have an emonTH with two pulse meters, these occupy the two interrupt pins.
With the RFM12B module, I have changed the pin in the library to have no interrupt pin occupied.
But when I change the module by the RFM69CW, the emonTH is blocked, it makes the first send, and then it is blocked.
Any ideas?

what sketch are you using? you must also add the line #define RF69_COMPAT 1 to the beginning of a sketch designed for rfm12 when used for rfm69.

hi, thanks for your answer.
I Had already put #define RF69_COMPAT 1. This is not the problem.
The problem is that the RFM69 uses a interrupt pin, and i need the two interrupt pin for two meter.
this is possible with RFM12, changing data in the library, but this is not possible for RFM 69.
┬┐any idea?