RFM69+ESP8266 bridge to IoT

I’ve an EmonTx and thermal solar water heater witch use the OpenEnergyMonitor and Jeelab basis to display data to a GLCD. No more using an RPI hardware due to SD memory crash.

I’m looking a way to just display the data remotely or locally on my smartphone.

Thinking of a system to receive data with a RFM69C and broadcast to the internet with an ESP8266. Before start digging on a suitable port of the jeelib to ESP8266 (something over my skill), I’m asking if this has been all ready done in the past, and someone is available to share.

Thanks, Dino

I’m guessing you have an EmonBase RFM card for a Raspberry Pi?

I suggest you just get a new SD Card and flash the most recent image. It looks like it has been running for 2 years (based on the last time you posted) - you do need to be careful with life of SD cards. The system has improved so write wear should be less of an issue now.

More than two years ago, moved from SD card to external HD, all was fine, but the RPi crashed on 2017. I’m only looking for a way to display the data from remote, no need to collect and store data.