RFM2Pi / emonBase / RFM69 docs

Continuing the discussion from Emon Tx V4 and 433MHz Radio Formats:

First, might there be a benefit to refer to these as different versions of the RFM2Pi? I think it might simplify & clarify how they are referred to and which one is which :slight_smile:

@TrystanLea I had a poke around the various emonBase RFM docs and I think we have some duplication between these 2 sets of docs (RFM2Pi ones not linked in yet).

The emonBase repo is rather incongruous. As, fundamentally, the emonBase is the RFM2Pi card, it would seem better to move the board files and the docs into the RFM2Pi repository with the rest of the RFM2Pi designs and docs.

I also think it would be good to go back to the beginning and document that through.

I suggest the Matrix at 433MHz Radio Format vs Device 鈥 OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation refers to the RFM2Pi in all it鈥檚 guises rather than emonBase and includes all versions of the RFM2Pi card (within reason :slight_smile:).


The sort of question that should be answered is, I currently run a RFM12Pi V2 :). This talks to my emonTH (V1). Can it communicate with an emonTX4?

I would also refer to the the emonBase/RFM2Pi in the docs. Yes it is likely that someone with just the card can find the RFM2Pi docs, but it would make it clearer.

Just a thought