RFM 433MHz Installation

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Hello, what i have right now is an Arduino Uno, emonTX Arduino Shield, Raspberry Pi 3, and the RFM modules, I purchased the RFM module after I already had my emonTX arduino shield (I was going to Serially transmit data or use Xbee, but it was recommended i used the RFM 433MHz module.
My question right now is, I have the breakout board attached to my Pi, with the Whip antenna, and I have soldered the RFM module onto my EmonTX Shield, but I am just wondering where the Black antenna that was included goes? Again, I do apologize for asking what may seem to be silly questions, I am very novice.


Not a silly question at all, the black antenna with the SMA connector goes with the emonPi Shield.

For the Arduino emonTx Shield, you need to make a wire “whip” antenna, 175 mm long, and solder it into the hole “ant” by the corner of the RFM69CW, which I hope is the corner nearest to the corner of the Shield p.c.b.

You can still have a wired serial connection even though you have the radio modules - just don’t drive them.

Don’t turn the power up to maximum on the emonTx Shield without an antenna of the proper length fitted. You risk destroying the radio module if you do.

Thanks Robert, I really appreciate that. I am a little confused as to where the SMA connector goes on the emonPi shield, do I need to get a connector for it on the Raspberry Pi? or do I solder it to something? The shield for the emonPi has what I assumed was a white whip antenna on the hat itself?

In that case, I’m confused too. I have an emonPi in bits in front of me, and that has an SMA connector on the edge by the RFM69CW. If yours doesn’t have that, then you need the same wire whip in the hole next to R30.

Maybe @Gwil can clarify?

From the original post I think Kaitlyn has an emonTx shield for his Uno and a RFM69Pi shield for his Pi, the SMA antenna maybe a “bonus” part?

I think you are right, Paul. Looks like the SMA antenna was ordered separately. Not to worry, a simple wire whip antenna will work just fine, @Kaitlyn_Collier.

I was going by the “Shop” picture plus the one in bits I have here, both very definitely have the SMA connector.

If it doesn’t have the SMA connector, then it needs a new picture or at least words to say that and to explain where to solder the whip and how long it should be.

I don’t think Kaitlyn has an emonPi shield - at least, I can’t see that they have ordered one and it isn’t mentioned in their original post.

All emonPi boards should have the SMA connector attached.

It looks like I read “breakout board” as meaning the emonPi Shield.
Thanks for clearing that up.