RF-Module RFM69Pi

Can be 433mhz rf- module to replace change 868mhz module (RFM69 PI), and if you can then do I need to make a module software changes?

The software changes are easy, just set frequency = 868 in emonhub.conf. This can be done via the Emoncms ‘config’ module in local Emoncms

A 433Mhz module can be ‘forced’ in software to run at 868mhz, this will result in reduced performance (range).

Changing the 433Mhz hardware module for an 868mhz module will involve de-soldering which is tricky to do (but not impossible) without damaging the unit.

In the next production run of RFM69Pi (due in 1-2 months), we will look at getting a few RFM69Pi modules from the factory with no RF module, therefore any frequency module can be fitted.

As well as a new antenna cut to operate at 433 MHz. (165 mm)
The existing antenna can be replaced, or wire can be added to bring it to the correct length.

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Thank’s Glyn, very nise , I hope that I removed the module intact.!

Thanks. I have modules which get the right length measured.