RF module FTDI interface necessary?

I’m making available RF on this board I’ve been working on. The RF module used with emonPi is the same I’m using, interfacing with the to the ESP module to give an RF 433MHz option.
Is it worth creating a separate FTDI header to interface with the on-board ATMEGA of the RF module?

I’m entirely not clear on what you are building, do you have an esp8266 and ATmega328p?

The ATmega328p only has one serial HW port, so if you are connecting the ATmega328p to the esp8266 via serial it will be occupied.

emonDC project.
I wonder if there’s a requirement for FTDI programming of the ATMEGA chip on the RFM69Pi module, used here to make an option of using 433MHz RF. In a general sense, is it worth having access to the ATMEGA chip via FTDI for programming?