RF Module Failure

I have had an emontx for a few years now (v3.2.1, Feb 2014) but for the last year it’s been sitting in a box. I decided to start using it again and flashed it with the latest firmware. I compiled it using pio, the RF module is a 433Mhz RFM12B so I made sure to set RF69_COMPAT to 0 and then set the node id to what was marked on the bottom of the board and set the network group to 212. After flashing and a little debugging, I have come to the conclusion that it stalls calling “rf12_initialize”. If I disable RF, it all appears to work fine.

So, few questions;

  1. Should I be using an older firmware? I can’t see anything glaringly obvious in how the board has changed so it would never work with a newer firmware.

  2. If the RF board is broken, is there a way I could connect the board to a RaspberyPI so I could then re-broadcast the data over my home network rather than RF?

  3. Has anyone run the most recent firmware on the same board successfully?



Your emonTx is a V3.2.1 - that’s the one with the RFu328. You’ll need to compile with
#include <RFu_JeeLib.h>
NOT #include <JeeLib.h>

I think your best course is to test with the V3.2 sketch. I think this is the one you want: “emonTxV3_RFM12B_DiscreteSampling.ino

If it then works, you can stay with that, or if there are features in the latest that you really want, you could merge those, or you could modify the present sketch (for the V3.4) backwards to work with your V3.2

This table (rename to .html and use a web browser) gives most of the I/O variables that change from version to version.

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Awesome! Thank you very much, I figured the board itself might be ok and could be because it’s old. I will try modifying the current sketch as everything other than the RF seemed to work just fine.

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