RF frequency 868Mhz to 433Mhz

Evening all.

I’ve noticed there seems to have been a move towards 433Mhz as the standard RF frequency for OEM kit. Unfortunately all my devices were bought at 868MHz. I’m guessing there’s no way of being able to convert between the two? If I decide to get set some of the new OEM devices (eg EmonPi), I assume that I will need to refit all my devices with 433Mhz transceivers?


The change was down to customer demand (to use a well-worn phrase). The shop found it uneconomic to stock both frequencies and the 433 MHz option was by far the most popular.

If you ask nicely, I think it might be possible to buy units without the r.f. module, so that you can fit the 868 MHz module yourself.

I don’t advise trying to unsolder the r.f. module, unless you have access to the proper professional workstation and the skills to go with it.

Thanks Robert!