Reset Wifi Connection on Wifi Configuration EmonCMS

So yesterday i have installed EmonSD into my SD card, from this web:

After i installed it and login as user pi, then my raspi broadcast an AP called emonPi, after connect to emonPi AP i go to local host and then my localhost displayed this:

In that page i choose connect to wifi network and i connect it to my house wifi, but now when i login as user pi in my office, my raspi won’t broadcast emonPi wifiAP, did anyone know how to solve it? is it because i have connect it to my house wifi ?

Yes, you must connect now using the IP Address that shows on the display of the emonPi, or look at the “connected devices” list in your router for the address. It will possibly be something like

Once it has connected to a WiFi network, it won’t then start the AP.

@glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea may be able to help.

The alternative is to an ethernet cable.

Or with a laptop/desktop running Linux, editing the SD card to restart the AP is also relatively easy.

Why can you not log in from your office to your Wi-Fi network? Is your office not on the same Wi-Fi network?

I’d sort of presumed they were different locations (buildings).

There’s not enough information from the O.P.

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