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Hi guys, I’d like to point someone who works for an off-grid energy company towards openenergymonitor. They need to know if OEM can provide a solution to their needs.

What’s your preferred method for first contact like this. Can they send you a specification of their requirements? What’s the best way?



Hi Dan, I’m not clear what it is you are asking.

Are you acting on their behalf?
Could the requirements be posted here on the forum?

Are you asking for sales support? Or system design?

Are they/you just looking to buy OEM products? or build something?

Are they looking for someone to do this for them or trying to find out how to do it for themselves?

A one of or something they can rollout to thier customers?

that depends very much on what thier needs are!

that again depends on what they are looking for.

A link to the OEM website and shop might be a start.

You can point them towards the shop email for sales support

Here on the forum is a good place for them to ask questions.

Or if they are looking for someone to provide a service, they/you can ask in the services wanted category here on the forum.

I might even be interested myself if they are looking for someone to provide a service, including but not limited to system design, bespoke hardware, on-site installation, maintaining a server or crunching the data, I already do this for a couple of sizable clients in the construction industry.

Thank you Paul,

Sorted now.

All important questions, and I’m clearer on how I can help in the future, for example I have the email addresses of ‘sales-support’ and Glyn and Trystan’s work emails, and am now clearer on referencing the shop, (with dashboard examples), this community forum or the Guide section as needed. All good.

Interesting to hear you provide those services. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m considering also providing that level of support myself.

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