Request - clarify the webpages around emonTX4 / emonPi

The web pages are not entirely clear (at least to me).
As to whether emonTX4 can be used with emonPi - or only with emonBase.

It will clarify things for shoppers etc: to make explicit the facts on the various emonTX4 pages ; and emonPi ones.

Also - nowhere obvious explains the difference between emonPi vs emonBase

  • eg this overview page would benefit if it was explained

To a sherlock Holmes ! it is possible to find out that YES it is IS usable with emonPI - see text slightly hidden down this page:

That page sadly mentions only emonBase at the top… confusing the reader!

So would be helpful to make that clearer in all emonTX4 pages: IE wherever it mentions emonBase: to also mention “or emonPi”.

Some example pages:

**the emonTX4 page in the shop - only mentions emonBase:

The docs page for Tx4 - also no mention of emonPI

This old TX page is helpfully explicit that emonTX works with both Base and Pi

in contrast to emonTX3 docs page -which includes emonPi

with nice explicit headings:

  • [1. Adding one emonTx to an emonPi system]…
  • [2. Adding more than one emonTx to an emonPi or emonBase system]

And the Doc pages for emonBase, and emonPi: would be good if each said at the top: how they compare to the other - maybe one sentence before the TOC starts?