Reply to posts via email

should now be enabled. I just need some posts to reply to via email test. Please post some stuff on this thread.

Posted per your request for a reply via email test…

me too!

Yah, it seems to be working :smiley: . If you can see this post that I’m sending
via email reply then all is good! Also testing attaching an image. Will
this work???

Can you reply again to the same email if you forget to add something to
your reply? This is another email test. There is a 5-10min polling delay.

So yes, there we go. Email replies are enabled :thumbsup:

It’s even possible to include attachment images (presumably other files too) and reply more than once to the same email. I will reduce the polling delay to a couple of min.

No, no emails here…

I’ve got TONS of email from the new OEM Community.

FYI - I use an alias email address when I register on web sites. BUT an alias email address does not work when replying to the a OEM Community / Discourse email post. You’ll get this error:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“[email protected]”] (titled Re: [Community | OpenEnergyMonitor] [Organisation/Forum] Learn Discourse documentation website) didn’t work.

Your reply was sent from a different email address than the one we expected, so we’re not sure if this is the same person. Try sending from another email address, or contact a staff member.

I changed my email address to a non-alias email address and then all should work! Jon

Works here OK, I’m replying via email.


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