Replacing a module, where is the calibration and bypass values stored?

If I need to replace a cell module with a new one lets say, will the module I remove retain it’s calibration and bypass voltage?

I guess what I am asking is what is stored on the cell module itself? could I say in my test jig have a precision voltage supply and do all calibrating on the bench prior to installation?

I am making a small Jig to connect programmer to the 6 pin connector and I figure that when connected to the programer the chip “sees” the voltage of the programmer, this voltage will be very precise and consistent. If I was to have an extra controller as part of my jig could I use that voltage for initial calibration?
Or is all that info stored on the controller?
Also, do the serial interconnect wires have a polarity? or doesn’t it really care which way it’s connected?

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I believe the settings are stored on each module board. So if you replace a module with another that module will need to be recalibrated/reconfigured.