Renaming a feed or device: is it possible?

Hi folks,

I have a device for which I want to change the NODE and NAME. How do I make this happen maintaining consistency and ensuring I don’t lose all the data? I suspect that by doing so I would break all the links with the feeds? Would it just be a case of changing the tag in the feed name or is there more to it?

Baiscally, the T/H sensor remains the same, etc. I just want to change the name of the sensor (I have hard coded the sensor ID in the arduino sketch and I use the same sensor ID in the sketch within EmonCMS so that the devices/feeds have the same sensor ID.



I worked this one out myself with a bit of trial and error. I thought I would post the reply so that it could be useful for others.

These are the steps I followed:

  1. Rename the Feed first to whatever you want to changed it to (e.g. FEED_NEW)

  2. Go to the device and rename the NODE to FEED_NEW and save. Then initialise the device again … It will ask to create the input but not the feeds because you renamed them earlier and your feed name matches that of the device ID. From what I understand, the feeds are linked to the time series data itself so by not having to recreate the feed, you are preserving th historical data.

  3. You can now delete the old INPUT and re-programme the sensor with the new name (FEED_NEW) in the sketch.

Hope it helps others that were having my same problem.