Remove zero values from emoncms feed

I send the data of my SDM120C to without problems but sometimes the instrument read all values zero…
normally this isn’t a problem but with the" wh accumulator" function of a counter if a value is zero the total amount of watt at the sucessive value is all counter
Read >>>> wh accumulator
8005>>>>8009 :frowning:

There is a way in order to remove this zero values from the function of feeds on emoncms?

No not really, how would emoncms be able to distinguish between a running total of 8005 and 8005 units since resetting?

The whaccumulator is designed to subtract the last value supplied from the latest value supplied and add the difference to the running total, the difference between 0 and 8005 is 8005, it is working correctly.

If your device cannot reset to zero you shouldn’t need to use the whaccumulator, simply logtofeed the number that is supplied. If your device can reset to zero, you need to change the software that forwards the data to not send missing values, which is what i’m guessing the 8004,0,8005 actually is.