Remove bad data point

Quick query, which I can’t seem to find by searching…
I’ve got a few ‘bad’ data points in my heat pump logs from when a restart happened. Temp feeds with a single -32,000 value in them. It really messes up the auto scale on the graphs. Is there a simple way to remove outlier values? And is there a way to sanity filter values before they are recorded?

Visualisations → edit realtime.

There was a bug, but I think it is fixed.

Else I think there is a script in Usefulscripts that @TrystanLea mentioned a while back.

I think I found the bug:

I’ll search for useful scripts next…

Thanks :grinning:

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That is the bug I see as well.

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I use the import data feature at the bottom of the feeds page for corrections since the editrealtime has been bugged. You can import a correction for a single data point.


That’s a good solution @Mike_Henderson in the interim of a better in-built editor. I’ve done that a couple of times myself too!