Remove all Data Locally

Is there a way to remove all feed data to tart over fresh without removing the created feeds?

Some feeds you can select sometimes and remove data. But mostly when selecting feeds the clear data option is greyed out.

This is to remove Locally, but is there also a way to this on too?

I want to remove any historic data where I have been messing about and learning how to use the emon equipment. Therefore I’m not code savvy. Wondering if it is just stored in one file that I can wipe?

Using emonBase with x2 emonTXs

Many thanks in advance.

Hello @Tri.stand

Unfortunately there is not an easy way to do this on at present.
On local systems the option is only available for MYSQL, PHPFINA and MYSQLMEMORY feed engines, which may explain why you are seeing it as grayed out on some of your feeds.

Sorry that that is not more helpful!