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Remote MQTT Server

Hi, Very new to this but got all set up and integrated in to Home Assistant. first start all good!

I have an MQTT server on my network, where I like to keep everything together.

I think I read that the LCD uses the legacy MQTT presumably on the local pi, if i was to change the settings in the php file to a remote MQTT broker I assume I am likely to break the LCD screen?

Would a better option be to use NodeRed on the EmonPi to replicate the MQTT to my main broker or is this out of date info?


I bridge my main MQTT Broker and the one on my EmonPi.

thanks Borpin, do you just do that with a simple wildcard on emon topic using say node red or is there a better way with mqtt?

I bridge both brokers both ways for all topics (actually 3 brokers, PVE, HomeAssistant & EmonPi). It doesn’t appear to really use any resources to do so and is just simple.

Running in a dedicated LXC Ubuntu container on PVE (which really is the best way to run stuff IMHO).


Just had to look and remind myself how :slight_smile:

Create a conf file for the bridge, include the connection details and

topic # out 0
topic # in 0

I also add in the log settings.

IIRC I had to fiddle with logrotate so the mosquitto logs rotated correctly.