Remote Home Server?

I have a summer house that I would like to monitor on my home server.

I have found some information on home server, but I am unsure about how to set up a server that is in a different country. I found emoncms on github, but I am new to networking and the guides I found talk about local data logging and using the official server.

Could some one suggest a way of logging on a remote home server or send me a link to a guide please.

Thank you in advance

I’m not at all sure what you are trying to do there. I think something has been lost in translation. Can you explain what and where everything you mention is:

a summer house
home server
a different country
the guides I found
the official server
remote home server

Sorry about not being clear enough, I try to rephrase.

I live in Birmingham (UK) and I have a holiday home in Hungary’s country side and my Father leaves in Budapest.

I would like to collect the data from both houses on my server in Birmingham.

The tenants in the holiday home need to be able view the energy usage while my Father needs to log in using a different password.

So my questions are:

How can I use my computer in Birmingham to record data measured in Hungary?

Is it possible to log from multiple sources and how?

I think most of what you want to do is possible, but the part I’m not sure about is logging in to view the holiday home data with two (separate) accounts and passwords. I think we will need @TrystanLea to answer that.

There are security implications in what you propose, which you need to be aware of when you set up your server. Other than that, basically emonCMS doesn’t care where the data comes from, nor where the person viewing it is located.

Ok, thank you for your quick response.