Remote emonCMS - loss of data during network outage

Hi all,

Does anyone know of any viable solutions to prevent data being lost during network outages when logging to emonCMS remotely?
Look forward to any suggestions.

Thanks, Sam.

You could log locally and or have UPS backup? What hardware are you using?

Tell us more about your setup.

Are you using emonHub? The original emonhub had a way of buffering data during network outages and posting when the network came up, although this functionality has been lost in the emonpi variant of emonhub.

Iotawatt will send all the data once the connection is restored. It should be available within a few months.

Hi @pb66
I am using EmonHub and logging remotely via emonTX/emonBase. Should I be able to buffer the data?

@overeasy Sounds interesting. Excuse my ignorance but what is Iotawatt and how do I find further info?

Thanks for your help, Sam.

Ok, I can see from your other threads you are running an emonPi, that has the “emon-pi” variant of emonHub included and that has had all the buffering code removed, so no you cannot easily have buffering. Since the emonSD is focused on using MQTT it is not a trivial thing to change emonHub versions, it can be done but not easily.