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Remote desktop to emonpi over the internet?

Just wondering if anyone has installed onto a emonpi the ability of remote log into the emonpi over the internet to a windows PC using open source software?

Hi Ross,

Is that to Windows, or from Windows?

Hi Bill,
To Win10 PC from my emonpi. via the internet

Hi Ross,

I’ve not done this myself as my Pi’s are all headless and I just ssh to them from my Linux laptop
You can use the rdp client on the Pi to connect to windows.
You could also use VNC to do the same.

Obvious comments about security, password strength and using a VPN if possible apply.


I use

From my Windows 10 laptop I contol 3 x Raspberry Pi’s running the emon system on the network at my son’s place located 40 miles away. The experience is just like being there. And I can use winSCP to download or upload files from/to those Raspberry Pi’s.

The service is free for a small number of Raspberry Pi’s.

This solution may fit your situation.

Got it.

Your post was a bit ambiguous as you mentioned logging into a Pi as well as a Windows box. :wink:

Got it all up and working with was easier then I thought, thanks greatly for the right pointers