Reload emonhub.conf

Starting again after setting aside my energy monitoring project in 2015. I’m afraid I am having a great deal of difficulty making OpenEnergyMonitor work for me. For example I can’t find a document anywhere that says how to reload emonhub.conf after making changes.

But I finally figured out how to do it by looking at the source code for The answer is looks for changes to emonhub.conf in its main loop and reloads this file whenever any such changes are detected.

Hope that helps another newbie like me.

Welcome, Chris.

But you didn’t notice the on-screen button then?

Thanks for the welcome and quick response Robert.

Once again reflecting the fact that I am a newbie and having trouble understanding how all the pieces fit together, I think you are referring to something that is available from the local emoncms web interface???
I’m not running that since I’m using a Raspberry Pi Model B+ and DietPi. All i want to do is pull data from EmonTx and push it to my account at (but that’s not working anyway…questions to follow).

Indeed I am. But in the absence of any more information from you, would that not be a reasonable assumption - especially as you are new here?

What I was anxious to avoid was you giving others who might read your post, the idea they need to delve into the source code to make sure that a change had been recognised.

I know the documentation is scant in many places, and work is ongoing to improve it.

The web interface is by far the easiest way to configure that part of the system.

What have you set up in emonhub.conf ? I’m not an emonCMS expert but I’ll try to help.

Sounds like there might be some confusion about the emonCMS web interface.
Specifically, where the web interface is, and how it’s accessed. Although the term local
makes it sound as if the interface is running on, and accessed from, the Pi, that’s likely where
the confusion stems from. Local in this sense, means your hardware/software vice an
instance of emonCMS running at

The web pages are viewed with a browser that’s running on another computer connected to emonCMS via a network. i.e the browser doesn’t run on the Raspberry Pi itself.

The “network” can be a LAN, or if your hardware is in a remote location, it could be the internet.