Relay not triggering on New Controller

Hello, after I connected my relay cables to the new controller, I noticed that they were not being controlled.
No matter what value I change in the program, none of the relays switch.
The software shows me in green what is being switched, but the relay does not click.
Do I have to turn it on somewhere first?
With the old controller with an external relay board, everything went perfectly.

Hello, this should work ok. Are you using pulsed output on the relay or just standard?

Quite normal standard. But even if no cable is connected to the relay, it does not switch. I should hear at least one “click”.

I’ve tried this on my controllers and they seem to work okay.

What power supply are you using? Are you powering the board from the +5v input (screw terminals).

Did you try the ESPBoardTest code [diyBMSv4ESP32/ESP32BoardTest at master · stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4ESP32 · GitHub]

Hi, I only connected the board from the ESP 32 via USB. I haven’t done the test yet.

Everything is running now. No idea why. Had the controller switched off and reconnected.