Regular pulse of electrical usage

Hi !

Just got the raspberry Pi set up and monitoring electrical usage - still figuring out the basics. I’m seeing a spike at almost exactly 10 min intervals throughout the day. Is this just an “artefact” or something is really increasing its usage at this interval ?



I assume you mean the 2.5kW spikes?
It doesn’t look like an “artefact” to me, it looks like usage :slight_smile:

What exactly are you monitoring? Is it a whole house?
Do you have electric storage hot water?


It’s our whole house, no storage heater - a gas combi boiler.

I’ve become obsessed with our electrical usage :innocent:… but no idea what this could be, given the regularity of it!

In the small screenshot you have provided the “spike” is clearly different widths, so its doing more work at some times than others. Are you able to share a wider view over more than a few hours? How about a days worth?

This is a days worth… same sort of pattern throughout the day… :thinking:

Well… not really “same” at all :wink:

I’d expect to see many more of those peaks at my house just from putting the kettle on to make cups of tea! :smile:

What happens at your house between 9am and 10am (assuming those times in the graph are correct times for your location)? There seems to be a concentration of them around that time.

Ah! Sorry, was referring to these …

I did say in my first reply “I assume you mean the 2.5kW spikes”… Those others are far more regular than half hourly and are probably your fridge.

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Could they be a fridge/freezer? Something that runs constantly but with a low duty cycle?

The bigger spikes are probably a kettle :slight_smile:

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Fridge or freezer? 200 - 250 W is about right for something like that. The gap just after 18:00 is shorter - was that when a meal was being prepared and the fridge door opened?

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Mystery solved ! :grin: thanks all !

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So now you need to hunt down what it is that is using the constant ~ 300W of power day and night :wink:

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