Reference for mic jack header


I have bought the emonTx arduino shield, i have soldered on the wrong side some mic jack header and when i have desoldered it, i have broke it. I don’t find the exact reference for it, i have looked in the BOM list but it’s just a generic name.

So what is the exact reference of these mic jack header ?

Thanks by advance

My BoM says Kycon STX-3120-5B-284C, available from Mouser.

(This is for the emonTx 3.4.4, - I am reasonably certain it will be the same part.)

It’s possibly too late now, but if you have others on the wrong side that you have not yet tried to remove. There is a trickyou can do to link a couple of pins so the sockets work upsidedown so there’s no need to remove wrongly fitted sockets. You are far from the first person to do it and most likely not the last either.

Here’s the picture from your previous post about this:


Thanks for your answer, i have already desoldered all the jack before my first message. So, i will purchase new items with teh reference given.