Recording Rainfall

I am wondering if anybody has experience with recording rainfall data. I have a tipping bucket rain gauge connected to my automation system and can transmit the data to Emoncms easily enough but I’m not sure the best way to process the data. I can send cumulative rain since last update or in the current day (or whatever would work the best) but I would like this data logged so that I can see rainfall rate, rain today, this month, year, etc.

once in emoncms you can log data and do calculations

When reading this I’m wondering if 2017 will see emoncms develop the open source weather station … :slight_smile: True that the high end stations are pretty expensive … though to get all calibrated and in bits and pieces, not sure that would be less expensive then one of the prebuild onces (not going to give names here)

I use weewx with my weatherstation (WH1080) and custom receiver. Weewx sends all the data via mqtt and then I can do what I want with it :slight_smile: Here is my setup: WH1080 WeatherStation with arduino and WeeWX - Matthew Wire's Blog

I’ve used pywws for years with a Maplin WH1080. Works great.

Hi Matt,

I “discovered” weewx in connection with receiving an Oregon Scientific WMR89A for Christmas.

Unlike its predecessor the WMR88A, the 89A isn’t compatible with any of the software that supports the 88.

Last summer I bought a Software Defined Radio. After finding out about the 88/89 incompatibility, I stumbled upon weewx and found that it supports ingesting the transmitted data via an SDR Works like a champ, although there is one downside to it. The barometric pressure isn’t transmitted by the outdoor sensor suite, so there’s no way (that I’m aware of) to capture the baro data.

One thing I like about weewx is the ease with which the UI can be configured.