Recommended source of solid core CTs

I am curious what type of cord (shielded vs. unshielded) and where it was purchased. I seem to come across lots of unshielded male-to-male audio cords that are sold to connect an iPod or iPhone to the auxiliary audio port in a car.

I was looking for a cord that is shielded per the Learn section about Extending the Current Transformer Cable:

if it matters, the length I am looking for is ~3.3 ft (1m) or ~5 ft (1.5m) for the CT. So a 10 ft male-to-male is fine.

Unshielded. Ebay.

I bought a few lots of ten 6’ cords to yield 20 3’ cords. Just checked and you can get 10 12’ cords here) - free shipping from Brooklyn, NY (~1 week).

I realize I’m a heretic. Decide for yourself if shielding is important. FYI the YHDC CTs have shielding in their leads that is not connected to either of the CT leads. I’ve got a lot of these things installed, and don’t phantom readings on zero power circuits, which I think I would if there was significant noise picked up by the line.

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I saw @Dave & @DKramkowski images above using twisted wire and thought the unshielded might work.

Thank you!

The SCT-019’s come with twisted, unshielded leads. From what I’ve read, it seems the shielding doesn’t really do much for interference suppression - the twisted wires supposedly do much more.

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