Recommendations for compatible optical sensor cable (RJ45)

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Does anyone recommend an optical sensor cable (RJ45) that is compatible to the one OpenEnergy sells? I need to source this in 1-2 business days for an urgent project, and even though I’d like to buy from OEM (to support them) between waiting time and package charges, I am limited on time and funds for this project.

Thank you very much!

What length do you want? The pins used are given on the shop page, however the signal is TTL, and the pins used for GND & Data don’t correspond with one of the pairs in a standard Cat 3/4/5/6 cable. I would not expect a problem with a standard network cable if it is short, but if the length heads into the tens of metres, or if you have a source of interference close by, I would expect problems.

If you are able to make up your own cable, I’d put pins 5 (GND) & 6 (Data) on one pair, pin 2 (Power) can be anything and what you do with the rest doesn’t matter, but still connect them.

Rob - With the OEM optical sensor I used a female to female RJ45 Ethernet Coupler and a 4-5 meter piece of Cat 6 ethernet cable. Seems to work A-OK.

Yup, any patch RJ45 Ethernet cable will work, we sell the extender link in the shop:

Thanks, guys.

I just ordered some more from OEM today. However, I just had a new urgent need today to source for Wednesday morning this week. Does anyone have a suggestion for the optical reader here in the US? What make/model? Sources to purchase? I’m in a bit of a bind, and I cannot count on waiting for the one from OEM to arrive by Wednesday. (BTW, we purchased another 4 emonpis - that’s 8 we’ll be using!)

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