Recently finished my DIY miniture power monitor

Thought you guys might find this interesting.

I recently installed an emonTx v4 to monitor every circuit in my house and it’s great!
But I really wanted a more detailed breakdown of where power is going.
What I really needed was something like a Kill A Watt that reports to emoncms.
But that does not seem to exist exist… So I decided to build it!

The entire project is open source and there are a lot more details on github…

But the design I ended up with is a small self-contained board that supports up to 4 channels and can be built into a small power strip-style enclosure.

At this point, I have had several of these deployed for over a week and they are working beautifully!
It lets me turn this…

Into this!

Please note I don’t currently have any plans to sell these. Turning these into a sellable product would most likely take a lot of work. And I’m just a hobbyist doing this for fun so I wouldn’t even know where to start.
In fact, I don’t even know for sure that these will even be reliable in long-term operation. So if anyone notices any design flaws I may have missed then please let me know!

Nice work @brandon3055 really impressive and great to see the AVR-DB in a different configuration! thanks for sharing! I’ve often thought something like this would be really useful!