Reading MBUS from Sontex Supercal 5

Hello, I’ve been having the same trouble as above but whilst trying to read from a Supercal 5. I’ve done all the steps described in the thread, run the scripts and changed modes until I got the right data back on SSH, updated the config file to look at ttyUSB0 etc…
It still does not work.
Any help appreciated. I have three of these Supercal 5 meters on different buildings I want to be able to connect to. I’m using the usb to mbus reader bought from OEM.

Mmm it sounds like you’re doing everything right, could you post the relevant section of your emomhub.conf? If you send me a DM I would be happy to arrange to log in remotely and take a look for you.

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For the record, Glyn sorted me out and I’m now getting the data from the MBUS through to EmonCMS inputs. This is reading from a Sontex Supercal 5.

The issue was there already was an interfacer in the emonhub config file using /dev/ttyUSB0. Once that emontTx USB interfacer was commented out (or alternatively deleted) emonhub was able to read data from Supercal 5 successfully. The offending interfacer is shown commented out below, above the now working interfacer for the MBUS.

However, there was an issue remaining that the Supercal 5 was stuck on the wrong page of data. He was unable to get it to stay on the correct page using the usual method to advance pages, so had to make a change to emonhub to always read on 7b instead of 5b (line 402 of /opt/openenergymonitor/emonhub/src/interfacers/ It’s now seems to be working reliably am I am very pleased.

Many thanks Glyn for the pointers!