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Read PV output data from the websites of the Inverter manufacturers


I’m looking for a way to read PV output data from the websites of the inverter manufacturers.
So many inverters now include a web-interface and access to data on the manufacturer’s website.

I’ve seen API’s from some manufacturers that make it relatively easy to retrieve daily/weekly/monthly data for installations.

Is there anyway to “plug” these datasources into EmonCMS ?

I can imagine writing an external script that gets the data using the inverter API and then writes to EmonCMS using the EmonCMS API but it would lovely if all that could be managed “inhouse”.

I do realise that this removes the emonpi/emontx from the loop for the PV side of things and that this may not be desirable.

Best regards /Colm

Hello @carbontracking we are certainly open to direct integration with other equipment like this. Our emonhub software supports gathering data from some inverters GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonhub: Python service linking and decoding input to MQTT & Emoncms generally integrations are added by users who have the equipment themselves and are keen to pull the data in.

Perhaps search the forums for integrations with the kit that you are interested in. It’s also worth checking the nodered and homeassistant communities for integrations and then either using those to bring data into emoncms or integrating emoncms with those applications…