Re-create meta data / feeds

So once again I have done something silly and rather than updating EmonCMS from inside the app, i updated it via docker pull. Silly me.

This has foobared some feeds, and rolled back others to old history.
Im not SUPER worried about that for right now, but I would just like to fix it moving forward.

Is there a way to force emoncms to recreate the missing files ? Doing so manually caused emonCMS to crash horribly.


Hello @Dan_Wheaton Im not super familiar with the docker install but it seems strange that the feeds would be affected. What feed engine are you using?

I am using phpfina.

When i upraded from 8.x to 10.1.x, using docker pull, the location of the phpfina files inside the container was changed.

Stupidly, rather than changing the configuration to point them at the correct location, i moved the files, which moved them out of the docker volume. Silly me.

Since ive now updated the container, those files are lost, and they have reverted back to the previous state (ie when i upgraded from 8.x) – the feeds that existed since back then are working, but newer feeds are not.

The loss of historical data is annoying but not the end of the world.

So — for anyone following along, i managed to re-create the feed files.

Im not sure what the difference is in doing it manually, but i put together a simple php script that calls the PHPFina class, creates them, and now i am seeing data.