RawData Graph issue

Hello to everyone.
I use emoncms installed on an altervista server.
I need to embed a RawData Graph on my web site (with Wordpress).
When I create the page (in the tabs editor) the embedded graph work without any trouble. But when i go to the page i see only the temperature graph, in the other tabs i only see an empty space with the buttuns D, W , M, Y etc.
In Visualization on emoncms the graph work perfectly.

You can check at this link: click here

What can be the problem?


Hi Paolo,

I think the problem might be with how jquery is trying to load the graphs and hide them prior to the tab being ‘active’. It looks like it sets the container with zero height and then the graphing javascript tries to load this which it cannot do…

You may need to rethink the approach? Its been a while since I played with jquery, but you may want to force an AJAX request after the tab has been made active and have jquery render a blank ‘placeholder’ which you replace with the results of the AJAX request.

Not sure if that is overly helpful, but I think the issue has to do with how ajax is trying to ‘pre-render’ the plots which it cannot do without a container of valid dimensions.