Raspberry pi4 not booting

Morning all
I have put some posts on earlier this week about my emonhub going down after I tried to install a command in crontab.thought it was my sad card that got corrupted so I have ordered a new one loaded with latest image.
After doing some googling I have found out I should a green light come on alongside the power light, I get the red pwr light on but the green one does not light up with or without an sad card in.
Does anyone have any ideas or is my pi bricked.

That is really unusual if it is.

Is this just a bare Pi or an emonPi?

New SD Card from Shop? If yes did you leave it for at least 30 mins on first boot and was it connected to the internet (preferably by ethernet).

If you did not leave it and got a little impatient, then powering down while it is doing updates almost certainly caused the corruption of the SD Card.

First step, reflash the new card and try again. Switch on and walk away!

Green comes on briefly on power on and flashes occasionally.

Morning Brian
My new card has not arrived yet but I did download the latest image and flashed a new card but still nothing. I connected directly to my router but it did not show on my network nor was the Ethernet port light on either. Should I wait till I get the new card or reload the boot loader on the pi.
Sorry should have said it was just a pi board supplied by the shop on here.

Retry the flash, plug the Pi to the router (for ethernet). Boot and leave for 30 mins. If you can connect a monitor, you can see what is going on.

Did you remember to enable SSH before booting? emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation