Raspberry Pi Booting after new SD

Just received my new updated sd cards for two old devices, install the first one, device powers on and is stuck at the Raspberry Pi Booting on the display.

any assistance appreciated.

Which model of Raspberry Pi do you have?

If it is an ‘old’ one, i.e. a ‘2’, not a ‘3’, then there’s a change needed to the install instructions.

I’m not RPi expert, that’s all I know. :slightly_frowning_face:

Is a version two.

i assume the card needs to be taken out and edited in another machine ?

I presume so. I’ve inferred from what I’ve seen that it might be possible to swap SD cards while the Pi is running, and edit the new SD whilst running on an OS in RAM - but I’ve no idea whether that is correct or not.

The safe way is on another machine.

The file that needs editing (/boot/config.txt) can be read from any Windows or Linux machine with a card reader.

I seem to remember the 3 lines to be edited (add a # at the beginning) are these

(no BLE on the Pi2)

(cannot overclock)

I’m sure it is in the documentation somewhere!

One other point it does take quite some time after first boot. Be very patient!!

Thanks All

So when i look at the memory card on a Windows PC there is a config.txt file in the root, there is no boot folder as mentioned in the doco.
The config.txt in the root of the memory card does not contain the parameters to change.

Odd. I’d reflash the card with the image again. Once flashed, pull the card out then put it back in the windows machine. You will get errors about formatting for 2 of the partitions (just cancel those), but you should see one (boot) mounted as a drive.

Thanks. Is there an image to use as these were ones just arrived as new from Emon

That is odd. Did both do the same? You do need to be very patient on first boot :smile:

You will find instructions and a link to the image. This is what you bought (in terms of the image).

As this is a Pi2, do read the instructions carefully and I suggest creating the /boot/ssh file after you have flashed the card so you can SSH in from the start.

Also note, you need to take the card out of the PC after flashing and reinsert it into the PC to gain access to the Boot partition in Windows.