Rasberry Pi 3 disable serial console, etc/inittab is missing

I’m a total noob. Just got my first Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m currently waiting for an emonTx and RFM69Pi in the mail. I want to log my energy use data locally, and try out emoncms for fun.

I’m trying to get my raspi set up for the RFM69Pi shield, but I’m having issues. I have followed the instructions from GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonhub: Python service linking and decoding input to MQTT & Emoncms. However, when I try to:

sudo rpi-serial-consol disable

I get:

/etc/inittab is missing

I have found this blog entry:

But I’m not sure if any of the solutions suggested there are correct for what needs to be done for making my own emonbase. Please advise!

What did you download - just emonHub or the latest complete SD card image?

I think you should be starting with the complete (the Raspian OS + emonhub + emoncms) image.

(But I’m not a RPi expert - others will no doubt correct this if I’m wrong.)

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I have done all of the steps here: GitHub - openenergymonitor/emonhub: Python service linking and decoding input to MQTT & Emoncms.
So I have cloned the emonhub and installed mosquitto.

I am attempting to accomplish everything step by step so that I learn how everything works and can hopefully do some development in the future. I am essentially trying to convert my new RPi3 into an emonbase, perhaps with some customization (yes I’m in the US).

I believe that:

sudo systemctl disable [email protected]

will accomplish some of what is necessary for the RFM69 to communicate with the RPi, but I’m not sure if that is all that needs to be done because running systemctl does not modify the cmdline.txt file (whereas the rpi-serial-console script - which is a step in the instructions from RFM69Pi V3 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki - does modify cmdline.txt).

Hi all

I’m facing the same issues as nicklaws! I’m using emonPI Version “emonSD-03May16.img” but the RFM69PIV3 does not sending correct data to the rasperryV3. When I open the minicom tool with “minicom -b38400 -D/dev/ttyAMA0” I see that the module is sendig some strange chars such as in the attachments
So it seems that RFM69PI V3 is sending (and I see it flashing the LED) but something is wrong. I checled the speed Setting in the Editor wich is correct with 38400 Baud.
Any help?