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Question before Hardware Purchase

Hi there,

I’m hoping you can help.

I have a 4kw Solar PV setup on Single Phase with an Enlighten Envoy which only reports Generation and not consumption.

I’m looking for a way to get accurate live Solar production Vs Usage data so I can visually see how much electricity I am using and monitor the levels when I turn on/off appliances in the house. I’ve spent some time looking at the emonPi - Solar PV Bundle and wondering if it would suit my needs.

I’ve linked some pictures of my current setup and hope you’ll be able to tell me where I might need to place the CT sensors please?

Also, would it be worthwhile adding the LED Pulse Sensor at the same time?

I’ve attempted to contact both sales and support emails, but have had no reply. So I wanted to check before purchasing.

Many Thanks in advance


Welcome, Chris, to the OEM forum.

Most of the Shop people are working from home.

Bear in mind that most meters with LED outputs only flash the LED on import, so whilst the LED is accurate, it doesn’t help when exporting. Conversely, the LED on your generation meter will only record generation, not the overnight standby consumption. In my view, the Optical Pulse Sensor is good for calibrating the c.t’s, but otherwise it has limitations.

So, where do you put the c.t’s?

It looks as if a “Type 2” setup is the easy one to do - in fact anything else looks impossible! The “Grid” c.t. (CT1) will go on the brown Line conductor just below the right-hand (Grid) meter, the P.V. c.t. (CT2) will go on the Line conductor from the “P.V. System” breaker/switch, which is the one going into the right-hand Henley Block at the bottom on the right.

You’ll need a double socket outlet for your emonPi - one to power it with the 5 V USB adapter and one to monitor the voltage with the a.c. adapter.

I think there’s enough room, but if you can’t get CT1 onto the line conductor, it’s OK to put it on the neutral facing the opposite way. (Our convention is imported and generated power is positive. Turning the c.t. around or putting it on the neutral will reverse the sign of the power - given that you have an a.c. adapter and are computing real power. Putting it on the neutral and reversing it makes it correct again.)

Hi Chris,

I’ve attempted to contact both sales and support emails, but have had no reply. So I wanted to check before purchasing.

Sorry about that. I’ve had a look for the email address you are using here on our system, the only email I can find from it is more than a year old.

Did you send the email to the following?:
[email protected]

Thanks Robert, that makes sense and thank you for taking the time to take a look. I’ll happily purchase one now. :slight_smile:

Hi Gwil,

Don’t worry, I wasn’t having a go. I wasn’t sure if they were getting through. Yes I sent to both support and sales.

I’ve got the answer I wanted so thank you :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to update this post.

The emonPi - Solar PV Bundle arrived yesterday and installed. All is working perfectly.

Thank you both for your help :slight_smile: