Question about Elster A150

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My question is about how its works the Elster A150 because sometimes the pulse led its continous (not pulse).

I dont understand why sometimes the led is continually switched on ?¿ i can’t find the full manual.

I will appreciate your response

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Usually, the LED is ON continuously either when you are not taking enough power for the meter to register, or when you are exporting power.

That is why the Optical Pulse Sensor for the emonTx and emonPi will not work when you have your own generation capability - it cannot correctly record exported energy.

Thanks for your response. Where can i find this official information from elster ?? What do you mean “you are exporting power” ?? How do you recommend to do with the pulse meter when this event occurs ?

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You export power when you have PV generation and you are generating more than you consume.

You cannot use the pulsing LED, because you cannot measure exported power. You need to use a current transformer (and, ideally, an a.c. adapter for best accuracy) instead.