PZEM-004T-100A interface with PIC Controller

Is anyone have c code for PZEM-004T interface with PIC controller ??

Welcome to OEM, Kalpesh.

If I recall correctly, there is some discussion here about using the PIC microcontroller,
but only a few posts. A search for “pic” returns a few more posts than a search for PZEM-004T
but the number is fairly small.

OEM is based on the ATMEGA 328 chip, so there hasn’t been much discussion about the PIC.

Hello Sir Good Morning I need sample c code for PZEM-004T

My friend has already told you that very few people here use a PIC.

Did you search here for “PIC”?

Have you tried an Internet search using these words:

Yes i search but didn’t find any solution

In that case, it might not exist. You will have to research and develop your own code:

Repeat the Internet search. Look at the first few entries and see if one of those looks as if it might be helpful. Is the code in C or come other language? Is there a library that does the clever stuff - if there is, get it, look at it and see how it works, then use that knowledge to write your code.

If you can’t do that, find someone locally who can teach you - there are lots of clever people in India who know about software. But you cannot expect someone to go out, buy a PIC and the PZEM and develop some software for you.