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(Bruce) #1

Hi folks,

python2 is EOL this year. I’ve been looking at some of the python2 code on my emonpi and porting it to python3. It’s pretty simple stuff: put parentheses around print calls, don’t mix tabs and spaces, use new library names, etc.

I’ve put my changes on github. I would really appreciate if someone could test them:

If nobody objects I will make a pull request next week.

At the moment I only want to publish my LCD script changes. I have changes to the other bits in the pipeline nearly ready for public consumption but my time is limited!

Please be gentle.


(Trystan Lea) #2

Thanks @bwduncan for the offer, yes happy to receive a pull request, it may take us a while to merge (it will probably make sense to consider as part of a future image release) but would certainly be useful to understand more about what is involved.