PV to EV charge rate granularity

When charging my ev from solar I rarely see the charge rate go above 2kW even though about 1.5kW is going to the grid. A couple of screen shots are included to show my settings. I have tried altering the ‘Required PV power ratio’ and the ‘Divert smoothing attack’ without any observable change to the power returned to grid.
Which parameter should I adjust to increase the charge current and reduce the amount going to grid?

Some more info’:
The EVSE ‘Max Current’ limit rises to 10A then stops. Changing it manually – say 32A allows the current to increase but it simply goes to 32A and is not controlled even though the mode remains in Eco.
Resetting the OpenEVSE WiFi made not observable difference although on a few previous occasions it has corrected some other odd behaviour.