PV divert and Ioniq 5/EV6

Does anyone users the PV divert feature with an Ioniq 5 or EV6?
How does the car reacts when OpenEVSE goes down to 6 amp or less (pause)?

It’s a PITA with the i3 (see PV divert and BMW i3 - #2 by Klug). Even the Fortwo 451 ED does a better job…

I was using it with my EV6 before I moved. The EV6 played nice with it and was a tad quicker in reacting to changes vs the Bolt I had before.

We’ve had an EV6 and a BMW 330e for nearly 18 months now along with solar panels, had the OpenEVSE for around 6 months, delayed install due to availability of parts (OpenEVSE controller).

Used both cars with the PV divert and had no issues at all with either of them.

OpenEVSE modulates around the solar and goes down to its 6A minimum (wont advertise lower to the cars due to protocol specification), if it has passed its minimum cycle time it pauses the cars, and restarts after solar picks up again, if cycle time has not passed it sits at 6A until either timer runs out or solar picks up and resets the timer.

This can result in importing for a while up to the minimum cycle time but that’s there to reduce wear on the charging contactor and cars systems.

You can see from the graph how the EV6 react to drops in solar by pausing and where it sits at 6A minimum after the solar triggering it on and the dropping off straight away.

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Great, thank you both.

Can’t comment on an Ioniq 5 but my Ioniq plug in hybrid works stably. Better than my Peugeot e2008. But I am not using a standard Open EVSE solution.

I have a kia Eniro, So not a EV6/ioniq5 but sorta in the same stable.
Works well, starts and stop without issue. Although if plugged in for a few days, it might need a wake up in the morning to start charging, (poke via app or unlock/lock cycle) The car goes asleep.


Eventually got my Ioniq 5 and tried to charge it with PV divert today.

Didn’t work as expected.

I plugged the car around 12:00 and it started correctly.
Then came some clouds (between 13:40 and 13:50), the charging paused.
But it didn’t restart when sun came back.

Here’s what the OpenEVSE currently says:

It was the same (Standby/Paused) an hour ago when we were above 6A.

“EVSE”/“Default State” is “disabled”.
“EVSE”/“Pause Status” is currently not setup as “sleep” (not “Disabled”).
“Self production”/“Filter Settings” is set as “default”

I might be missing something obvious but I don’t know what.

Same today.

It started well then some clouds.
The car sent an alarm through its app (car connected to charger but charger stopped the charge, please check charger).

Here’s the OpenEVSE status:

It sees there’s plenty of current, it says it’s active.
But it doesn’t send power to the car.

Switching to manual and forcing charging doesn’t work.

If I use the car app to “stop the charge” then “start the charge”, charging restarts.

It looks like the same issue I have with the i3: the charger stop sending power to the car (because under 6A) before telling the car to go in sleep (pause).

Lack of power from the charger is seen as an error from the car.
If the car was correctly put in sleep (pause), it would just wait for charging to resume.