Putting a WVC300-320V inverter and a KD-WVC-Modem to work

Hi All!
Thanks for all the precious information in this thread.

I recently bought in a bankruptcy auction a solar panel kit with a WVC300-320V inverter and a KD-WVC-Modem with serial connection.

These devices seem quite old, the serial number of both is dating 2015.
The inverter is slightly different from the one in the picture above, it does not have an external antenna.

I would like to avoid opening it, as it’s not directly installed behind the panel.

Is there a way to know what type of communication does the inverter use?
This is the modem I got together:

Also, the modem has a 110V american plug but I live in a 230V country, do you know if the modem supports both voltages? don’t want to fry it by connecting it to power.

Thank you

Welcome, Lorenz, to the OEM forum.

I’ve moved you to a new topic, because it seems to me that your problem is more about getting your purchase to work.

When asking about mains electricity, it’s always useful to know your country, so if you could add this to your profile, it will help everyone.

Regarding your modem, I’ve searched for “Model KD WVC Modem M201” and it looks as if some information might be forthcoming:

This gives some information about that the modem does.

The company website seems to suggest this is so - but given your items are 8 years old, and by the look of the photograph, I would very much doubt it. For it to be suitable for 90 V - 250 V, I would expect to see an encapsulated switched-mode power supply, not a transformer and discrete components. I am almost certain you need a 230 V to 120 V transformer to step the mains voltage down.