Purchased IoTaWatt

I purchased the USA bundle, recently hooked it up and love it!! I am trying to create some custom graphs
on my IPhone and so far unable to. I have limited programming skills but willing to learn. Looked at many YouTube videos but not many are updated with current information about setting it up. The documentation
for installing the product was excellent! Does any exist for setting it up? A book “Emoncms for Dummies” would be great!

Are you trying to do this with the iotawatt local graph application or via Emoncms?


I noticed you are living in NH. I am from Hillsboro NH and living in Watertown Ma. This device is nice and has huge potential. I hooked it up a couple of weeks ago and noticed how much energy my family is using. Wow I now can zero in on some savings!
I have logged into Emoncms.org and tried setting it up there as well as the Iphone. I am sure it can be done easily by a seasoned programmer but for me it is difficult.
I am sure this is something that is in the works so when one becomes available I for one would be interested.
Thanks and a very nice device.

Thanks Robert. You’ll be interested to know the things are made in Tilton, NH.

I don’t have any trouble with my iPad IOS device, but I have some older IOS devices that have been left behind on IOS 9. The HTML in that version of Safari doesn’t work with the local IoTaWatt app. There is also an incompatibility in release 02_02_27 using graph on IOS. A fix for that has been included in 02_02_29 which is now ALPHA auto update.


That is great news. I am liking this purchase more and more. It is manufactured in the USA, I am happy. I had a couple of friends look at this and they want one too. I could probably sell a truckload of these units.

When a tutorial becomes available for customizing graphs and to take it to the next level after installation that would be great.