PulseCount process list setup

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My goal is to use an optical pulse sensor to get the wh electric data from pulses in combination to the “My Solar” app. I need help (if someone could assist with some detailed comments and pictures of the EMONCMS input view process setup) I am aware there are many blogs already discussing this, but I am still confused. I would need an emoncms process input setup example how to setup the input to produce the standard feeds used by the My Solar app, if someone could help? The very basic guide (“8. Add Optical Pulse Sensor - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor”) does not cover what is required by the app. (use, use_kwh, import_kwh, power). It would be something like:
1 Log to feed
2 WH accumulator
3 x 2 adjust for wh pulses from meter
4 x 0.001 to get kwh from wh
to start with…

The pulse output sensor can only provide an energy feed e.g Wh / kWh rather than instantaneous power (W).

Follow the steps in the user guide to setup an energy feed from an optical pulse:

Ok, tank you for your answer.