Pulse width: 100-300 ms Pulse weight: 0.1 kWh/pulse, 1.0 kWh/pulse

Pulse width: 100-300 ms
Pulse weight: 0.1 kWh/pulse, 1.0 kWh/pulse
I am looking for pulse detector with pulse out .Which model is recommended?

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Welcome, Andrew, to the OEM forum.

I’m afraid you assume we know as much as you do about your system, unfortunately all we know is what you’ve written. Please take a look at the FAQ page (there’s a link at the top of this page) and the section a few paragraphs down “Asking for help”.

Tell us a bit more about the pulse and where it comes from, and where you want to send it, and then somebody here can help you.

Dear @Robert.Wall .Sorry for unclear question. I would like to read pulse signal from Schneider Energy Meter Pluse LED and integrate into my Mitsibishi AE-200 Central Air Conditioning controller. Our AE-200 just recommend [Pulse width: 100-300 ms ,Pulse weight: 0.1 kWh/pulse, 1.0 kWh/pulse]. I just would like to know that OEM can read from Schneider Electric Energy Meter and output pulse to My AE-200 controller?

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Looking at the Technical Manual AE-200E Technical Manual - Document Library - Mitsubishi Electric, Fig 4.1 (page 34), it appears that you also need a “P1 Controller” and a 24 V power supply to interface to your AE-200. This https://planetaklimata.com.ua/instr/Mitsubishi_Electric/Mitsubishi_Electric_PAC-YG60MCA-J_INSTALLATION_MANUAL_Eng.pdf MIGHT be the correct device. Unfortunately, I do not know of a suitable optical pulse detector which will work at 24 V d.c. Our optical pulse detector for use with our emonPi only works between 3.3 V and 5 V.

My best advice to you is to contact a local heating engineer who is familiar with Mitsubishiheating controllers.

I’m sorry I cannot help you further.